A common business-man ethos is to make a profit at all costs but ironically, business owners are starting to see a price they can no longer afford, the expense of their own employees well-being. 
Why Business Owners are calling for Mental Health Training; 
It is important to recognize that businesses do not purposefully create a poor environment which generates high levels of stress, anxiety and mental health issues. However, the statistics speak for themselves and businesses now have to take action. 
The Costs To UK Businesses 
-1 in 5 people take a day off work due to stress and in the last 6 years, there has been a 24% rise in days off due to mental health issues. 
-A quarter of employees consider resigning due to stress. 
-One survey has documented that 56% of adults said that they would not hire someone with depression, even if they were the most applicable candidate. 
-70 million working days are lost each year due to mental health issues. 
-Half of employees say that anxiety interferes with coworker relationships. 
-60% of employees with mental health issues say that it is due to work or that work is a large contributing factor. 
There have been countless studies which suggest an overwhelming number of mental health issues are due to the workplace environment. Statistics aside, we can adopt common sense when we consider the amount of time an employee dedicates themselves to their profession. 
40 hours a week on average and when put in perspective, this is a large amount of time spent working for a business if you feel that they do not care for your efforts and are just a number generating greater profits without any kind of reward in turn. Whether this is true or not for your own business is not valid, it is only important that your staff may feel this way and thus, an action plan must be created to change the current narrative. 
Practical Measures = Emotional Reward 
Businesses that have dedicated time for Workplace Mental Health Training have seen incredible results. 
Less Conflict 
A business that upholds an ethos of a team environment and creates a community atmosphere within the workplace will dramatically decrease conflict and in turn, so too will stress decrease and as a result, employees will be much happier; creating better coworker relations. 
Team Member Will Be Far More Productive 
With appropriate positive changes to the workplace, stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues will subside. This allows employees to focus on their working responsibilities rather than dealing with and managing their stress levels. This will make your team more productive, they will feel the reward of these new changes you have made and positive performances will regenerate themselves. 
Greater Staff Retention 
With positive changes made, you will be able to operate a working environment that focuses on staff well-being. The result of this is not only will team members feel more appreciated, but they will also have a greater focus and greater enjoyment in performing their roles. This creates higher staff retention as team members will want to continue working in such an environment. You’ll be turning your workforce into a happy and an incredibly effective team and because of this, they will want to stay. 
Business Performance 
Naturally, with a greater focus on your staff’s experience within the workplace, this will generate far more effective performances. Happy staff are more proactive, cooperative amongst their peers, they believe in the business ethos and as a result, will bring your business to an unthought-of height. 
It seems that companies are now starting to take a new approach to their business development; they are thinking of the self-development of their staff first. The impact of this is great for everyone involved. A happy working atmosphere is created, staff feel cared for and apart of something and this gives employees a sense of importance and emotional reward. As a result, businesses are starting to grow beyond what they thought was possible and most importantly, everyone is happy about it! 

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Clearfocus deliver mental health training for managers and mental health training for employees to equip you with the skills to support your own, and others’ positive mental health in the workplace. Our clients range from small businesses through to large, corporate organisations with complex training requirements. Find out more about Clearfocus and our bespoke approach to training here

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