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Our Resilience And Wellbeing Training For Employees course focuses on how staff can improve their mental health and wellbeing to help them build resilience to overcome any adversity, challenge, or stressful situation they might be facing, at home or work. Discussing different coping strategies and shifts in mindset, attendees will get the tools they need to gain perspective and balance and boost their mental and physical resilience. This training can be delivered face to face, or as live and interactive online training.

Course outlines

This inclusive 1-day introduction to resilience and wellbeing training for employees, sees James and Priscilla share their understanding, insight, and personal experiences to highlight the importance of how staff can react to change and adversity in the workplace.

Delivered using an engaging mix of presentations, interactive exercises, and open discussions – adapted to suit the needs and learning abilities of everyone attending – the training covers a wide range of content and topics, including:

What resilience and mental wellbeing is
Understanding how improving our mental wellbeing can affect our ability to cope with challenges and increase resilience

How resilience is linked to performance in the workplace
Looking at how your mindset can be changed to cope with difficulties and stay motivated

Why resilience at work is important
Resilient people can cope better with workplace challenges and building yours can help you get ahead

The 5 pillars of resilience
How balancing the components of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social can strengthen your life

Building your resilience
How to improve your mental wellbeing to cope with personal and professional challenges and avoid burning out

Recognising and addressing negative self-talk
By spotting negative self-talk early, you can silence your inner critic and improve your mental health

Learn techniques to help you improve your resilience over time
Key strategies including mindfulness and goal setting to help build your resilience

How to learn the warning signs in others
Understanding how to see symptoms of stress or lower resilience in others and how you can help

On completion of the course, each attendee will be given a personalised Resilience And Wellbeing Training For Employees certificate which can be used for compliance and audit.

Course aims

Attendees will learn to improve their mental wellbeing and be given the tools and practical techniques they can use to build resilience. They’ll gain the essential skillset they need to thrive in the workplace, adapting their approach to their workload, and creating a positive working environment for themselves and others.

By developing these skills, staff will understand the importance of wellbeing in the workplace and how resilience will give them the knowledge to be part of a positive and motivated team. They’ll also be able to develop key strategies allowing them to demonstrate resilience in today’s working environment and to help colleagues around them. Resilience And Wellbeing Training For Employees will also help staff to:

  • Realise the importance of personal wellbeing
  • Change their approach to work for a more positive outcome
  • Change negative thought habits to encourage more resilient behaviour
  • Learn strategies to improve wellbeing and build resilience skills
  • Build good mental health and wellbeing in challenging situations
Why is resilience training for employees important?
Mental wellbeing for all employees is essential in helping them cope with the daily ups, downs, difficulties, and frustrations of working life. As well as better managing their stress and a fast-paced schedule, learning workplace resilience also helps staff deal with any unexpected work issues that can arise, allowing them to bounce back stronger – and wiser.

By focusing on good mental wellbeing in the workplace, employees benefit from improved confidence and restored belief in themselves and their colleagues. And being given effective resilience tools will help them work to their full potential with a renewed ‘can-do’ attitude. Employers can also stimulate a resilient, flexible, and positive workforce, with any pressure of change creating a sense of opportunity. And a more resilient workforce means a reduced level of absenteeism and presenteeism.

More information
  • This is a 1-day course, but it can be adapted and run as a half-day to suit your needs
  • No former knowledge or training is required for attendees taking this course
  • We can also modify your course to give you training in specific areas if required
  • For the biggest impact, we like to limit spaces to a maximum of 15 people
  • We can visit you onsite at a venue, day, and time of your choice, anywhere in the UK for face to face training
  • We also offer live and interactive online training
James and Priscilla are wonderful. I attended a Positive Conflict training session in November and found it really insightful.It was an extremely useful afternoon with practical advice and a pragmatic look at office environment issues.
James & Priscilla visited us today to deliver Resilience in the Workplace training. The session was fantastic, and enjoyed by all. The day was incredibly interesting and very engaging, and I know everyone left having taken a lot away to use going forward. We will definitely be requesting some further training with Clearfocus Training going forward!
Insightful and interesting
Really enjoyed the course. Would definitely recommend really informative and the trainers were great
We had some fantastic training on mental health and well being for managers.James & Priscilla really made the training interesting & helpful!Would definitely book more training in the future with Clearfocus!
James and Priscilla were engaging and kept the course interesting using a mix of videos, music, activities and text content. They were both friendly and knowledgeable, especially in how to engage a mixed group of delegates with different roles and attitudes.They came on site for two days to run Effective Communication Training for 23 individuals, who all gave positive feedback at the end of each day, and felt the course was worthwhile and have learnt a lot from it.I won't hesitate to use Clearfocus training again, and will be in contact with James in the near future to plan more training across the wider Business of DHG.
I found Clearfocus’ 1 day mental health training for employees relevant, informative and delivered in an engaging way.
Really helpful, educational and enjoyable training! Thanks so much!
Great company with knowledgeable and skilled staff. The courses are engaging are presented in a fun and easily understandable format. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for training!
A great company giving excellent training !
Thank you Clearfocus for the training you offered on how to manage conflicts in the work place. You are very professional and very knowledgeable in your work. Keep it up!!
Having worked with Clearfocus Training over the last 12 months, I've seen and learnt just how their experience, professionalism, and empathy have helped both employers and employees. James and Priscilla are inspirational and engaging – exactly what you need for mental health and communication training.
Super-impressed with the advice on their training courses and wonderful service delivery.
Excellent service
Fantastic company I couldn’t recommend them enough, James and Priscilla are great to work with!
A very professionally presented and interactive workshop session which gave the team the scope and confidence to interact with one and another and share their individual experiences.I am sure the session has enhanced their understanding of behaviors and different situations and equipped them with more tools to better handle different environments & thrive.
Awesome courses and great instructors.l would definitely recommend this to myco-workers and all my friends,🤩
First class service. Can't recommend highly enough.
Clearfocus training delivered great fun workplace training! I found them very informative and friendly chat. It gave me great confidence with the organisation and I am looking forward to kick starting my new learning journey with them.Thanks once again xx
Great company with knowledgeable and skilled staff in the field of mental health.
Very good training!

Why choose us?

James and Priscilla both have personal experience of mental health issues, and James has first-hand knowledge of how a lack of resilience can affect mental health. These personal insights set them apart from many other trainers and make their unique understanding, insight, and advice so valuable.

But they also understand how all businesses have different training needs. That’s why the Resilience Training For Employees course is specially designed so it isn’t a standard ‘one size fits all’ course. With complete flexibility, we centre the course around the employees, adapting any of the content so it’s relatable and relevant to their needs.

Read our Why choose Clearfocus? page to find out more.

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