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Personal business coaching and support to help you reach your goals, increase your confidence, and achieve more. Whether you’re an employee, a manager, director, or business owner, the road to success often has plenty of challenges to overcome which can stop you from achieving what you want. Clearfocus Training provides personal coaching and support to help anyone looking to achieve more in business and life without burning out. Personal coaching can be delivered face to face, or online to suit your needs.

Personal coaching and support to achieve your goals in business and in life.

Coaching vs. Mentoring
Personal business coaching is designed to boost your performance and improve your skills in any areas you might be struggling in for any reason. By working together, a personal business coach will devise a realistic plan of action to help you overcome any issues that are holding you back.

Conversely, workplace mentoring will focus on an individual’s professional development. Usually taken on by a more experienced or senior colleague, a mentor will use their knowledge to help and support a less experienced or junior staff member in their career in the same field.

While personal business coaching and mentoring are two separate disciplines, they can, and usually will, overlap in certain areas.

Personal business coaching benefits

Everybody works better and achieves more with a coach by their side, just ask any top athlete. But like any other good coach, an effective personal business coach will help you reach your initial goals and stay with you to achieve ongoing success in your professional and personal life. The benefits of having a long-term personal coach will help you:

  • Take positive action towards reaching your goals and targets
  • Gain a better sense of perspective
  • Identify your key strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn and develop essential personal skills
  • Understand and manage stress or anxiety
  • Challenge any negative self-talk or imposter syndrome
  • Overcome anger or conflict issues

Personal business coaching can help and benefit different people in different ways, including your mental health and wellbeing. But the ultimate goal is always to help you improve and overcome your issues to help you move forward.

What is personal business coaching?
Personal business coaching is all about helping and supporting you to achieve your goals and ambitions, whatever area of business or employment you want to succeed in. By working with you, a personal business coach can give you the support and accountability you need to fast-track your self-development.

From building your confidence or overcoming anxiety or self-esteem issues, to improving your time management, communication, or public speaking skills – whatever you need or want to achieve, personal business coaching will help you learn, develop, and improve, giving you the natural resilience and positive mindset you need.

Using their essential business and coaching knowledge, a personal business coach will ask you plenty of questions about you and what you want to achieve. Ultimately, they can be key to helping you get to where you want to be.

Who is personal business coaching for?

Our personal business coaching has a focus on helping any individual in employment or self-employment to improve their self-development in specific ways. By tackling common issues such as stress, anxiety, and nerves, or deeper problems including anger management, conflict resolution, or time management, you can overcome any issues that are holding you back.

From any employed staff member who needs support to further their career with their employers, or someone looking to find a new role elsewhere, but might lack self-confidence or assertiveness. Alternatively, as a manager or director, you might want to help certain staff members with confidential one-to-one coaching to help them reach their full potential. It’s also an ideal way for sole traders, small or large business owners to gain specific skills to help achieve any long-term goals.

Working with a personal business coach can be a valuable experience whatever line of work you’re in and whatever your level. How long you’ll need coaching is up to you, but there’s never a bad reason or a wrong time to start – and the outcomes can turn your work and personal life around.

James and Priscilla are wonderful. I attended a Positive Conflict training session in November and found it really insightful.It was an extremely useful afternoon with practical advice and a pragmatic look at office environment issues.
James & Priscilla visited us today to deliver Resilience in the Workplace training. The session was fantastic, and enjoyed by all. The day was incredibly interesting and very engaging, and I know everyone left having taken a lot away to use going forward. We will definitely be requesting some further training with Clearfocus Training going forward!
Insightful and interesting
Really enjoyed the course. Would definitely recommend really informative and the trainers were great
We had some fantastic training on mental health and well being for managers.James & Priscilla really made the training interesting & helpful!Would definitely book more training in the future with Clearfocus!
James and Priscilla were engaging and kept the course interesting using a mix of videos, music, activities and text content. They were both friendly and knowledgeable, especially in how to engage a mixed group of delegates with different roles and attitudes.They came on site for two days to run Effective Communication Training for 23 individuals, who all gave positive feedback at the end of each day, and felt the course was worthwhile and have learnt a lot from it.I won't hesitate to use Clearfocus training again, and will be in contact with James in the near future to plan more training across the wider Business of DHG.
I found Clearfocus’ 1 day mental health training for employees relevant, informative and delivered in an engaging way.
Really helpful, educational and enjoyable training! Thanks so much!
Great company with knowledgeable and skilled staff. The courses are engaging are presented in a fun and easily understandable format. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for training!
A great company giving excellent training !
Thank you Clearfocus for the training you offered on how to manage conflicts in the work place. You are very professional and very knowledgeable in your work. Keep it up!!
Having worked with Clearfocus Training over the last 12 months, I've seen and learnt just how their experience, professionalism, and empathy have helped both employers and employees. James and Priscilla are inspirational and engaging – exactly what you need for mental health and communication training.
Super-impressed with the advice on their training courses and wonderful service delivery.
Excellent service
Fantastic company I couldn’t recommend them enough, James and Priscilla are great to work with!
A very professionally presented and interactive workshop session which gave the team the scope and confidence to interact with one and another and share their individual experiences.I am sure the session has enhanced their understanding of behaviors and different situations and equipped them with more tools to better handle different environments & thrive.
Awesome courses and great instructors.l would definitely recommend this to myco-workers and all my friends,🤩
First class service. Can't recommend highly enough.
Clearfocus training delivered great fun workplace training! I found them very informative and friendly chat. It gave me great confidence with the organisation and I am looking forward to kick starting my new learning journey with them.Thanks once again xx
Great company with knowledgeable and skilled staff in the field of mental health.
Very good training!

Clearfocus Business Coaching and Support

Providing you with one-to-one personal business coaching and support, our lead trainer and coach, James Holloway, draws on his own experiences as a successful business owner, mental health training professional, and qualified personal counsellor, psychotherapist, and hypnotherapist to help you tackle and overcome any issues holding you back. Here’s James to tell you more:

How does it work?

Personal business coaching is the perfect mix of counselling, life and business coaching, and mental health training. With my background and knowledge, I can help you change your mindset with a unique coaching experience that will help you both personally and professionally.

We’ll start with a discovery conversation to discuss the challenges you’re facing and how they’re affecting you. Your mental health and wellbeing are every bit as important as your work, so our initial conversation will give me an understanding of what type of coaching and support you need to help you in work and life.

Your personal business coaching sessions

When we take the next step to work together, we can arrange how and when your sessions will take place. One-to-one sessions are often preferred for confidentiality, but we can also do small groups if you want to involve a business partner or another staff member.

Together, we’ll choose an agreeable time, length of session, and venue that suits you. This can be your choice of:

  • Full-day, half-day, or hourly sessions at regular intervals
  • One-to-one or small groups
  • In-person at a venue of your choice
  • In-person at our Exeter or Torquay offices
  • Over the phone
  • Online using Zoom, Skype, or Teams

Each session will be used to explore the challenges and objectives we set out in your plan of action as well as identifying your next steps to help you achieve your goals in future sessions.

Personal coaching and support to achieve your goals in business and in life.

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