The amazing work carried out by the thousands of charities in the UK is nothing short of inspirational. We’re honoured to be able to work alongside some of the most caring and generous people, on a mission to improve their performance and change the world for the better. 
Bespoke Training for Charitable Organisations 
We’re able to provide a range of custom training courses and workshops from conflict and negotiation through to well-being and mental health. Our courses are vitally important to success, irrespective of what area you’re working in. 
The People you Support Depend on You 
As a charitable organisation, the people you support depend on you for their everyday life. It’s vital to ensure that every member understands the values of the charity and that they have the relevant skills and mindset to be able to carry out work on behalf of the charity, safely and effectively. 
Working with Vulnerable People 
We understand that working with vulnerable people can mean putting yourself at the heart of vulnerable situations, so our courses are developed to teach your staff how to handle a situation where conflicting interests are taking control. All of our Workplace Mental Health Training is delivered by qualified mental health professionals who are able to back up their teaching with real experience, ensuring their courses are both useful and relatable. 



We Listen 

We do things the right way by understanding your business, people, values and objectives. 

We Develop 

We create a custom-made, adaptable training inventory focused around your core requirements. 

We Succeed 

We take a proactive approach, working alongside your business to ensure you reach your goals. 

We Go Further 

Real staff feedback defines our success and ensures your organisational objectives are achieved. 
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