Mental Health Training for Employees


 Course Description: 

Clearfocus Training's Mental Health Training for Employees is a 1-Day Course and fantastic for those who want to gain a greater awareness of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Mental health sickness days cost employers billions every year. 
Over the course of a day, Clearfocus' Managing Director James Holloway, will take you on a journey of knowledge surrounding the state of mental health in the workplace, and equip you with the skills to support your own, and others' positive mental health and wellbeing. 

 Who Should Attend:  

This Mental Health Awareness workshop is suitable for all who wish to understand more about mental health and wellbeing so that employees can be better supported and positive mental health can be encouraged in the workplace. The workshop is designed as an introduction to mental health and so no pre-requisite knowledge or training is needed. 
Prices start from £75 per person + VAT for a maximum of 15 delegates. 
Our in-company training can be tailored to meet your objectives and held at a time and location to suit your staff. This course can also be run as a half day. 
Interested in booking training for your company? 

Topics Covered:  

The difference between Mental Health and Mental Illness. 
Myths around Mental Health. 
Statistics on Mental Health. 
Challenging the stigma of Mental Health. 
Recognising Mental Health issues in yourself and colleagues. 
Recognising what triggers Mental Health issues. 
Challenging the stigma of Mental Health. 
Mental Health first aid. 
Creating a safe environment that encourages people to talk. 
Dealing with and reducing workplace stress and burnout. 
The impact of substance abuse in the workplace. 
Suicide awareness and prevention. 
Effective Wellbeing strategies. 
Learning about Mindfulness and it's benefits in the workplace. 
How to be a Mental Health Promoter. 
Mental Health In The Workplace - Training by Clearfocus

Learning Aims:  

Become more aware and have better understanding of Mental Health issues (e.g. anxiety, stress) 
Learn how to take positive steps to remove stigma surrounding mental ill-health 
Feel more confident in spotting and supporting yourself and others if going through a Mental Health issue 
Learn how to keep good Mental Health 
Learn what can trigger Mental Health issues 
Learn how happier staff make a better and more productive workforce 
Learn what is needed to create an environment where people feel safe and supported to talk 
Learn effective Wellbeing strategies 
Be equipped with further sources of support and wellbeing 
mental health training for employees by Clearfocus training

All Clearfocus mental health training courses are run by fully qualified mental health professionals, something that sets us apart from many other training companies. 

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