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At Clearfocus Training, we offer a range of training courses from mental health training for managers and employees to time management, conflict resolution, and effective communication. Each of our training courses is delivered by our qualified mental health and communication trainers and can be adapted to suit the requirements of your business and staff – from small, independent businesses to large, corporate organisations. We have the background, knowledge, and experience to add real value to your staff and your business. Training can be delivered face to face, or as live and interactive online training, otherwise known as Virtual instructor Led training (VILT). Click on our course categories below for more information.

Mental Health Training For Employees

An inclusive and interactive training workshop for all members of staff covering many areas of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Aimed at helping staff better understand mental health issues while recognising and managing symptoms in themselves and their colleagues.

Mental Health Training For Managers

Specific training for Managers to increase their awareness, and recognise and understand mental health issues in the workplace. Designed to help gain positive mental health management skills and techniques to support staff and team members.

Understanding And Overcoming Anxiety

Training specifically designed to help anyone gain a greater understanding and awareness of anxiety in the workplace and how it can affect you and others around you. The course also provides techniques and coping strategies to manage and reduce anxiety.

Conflict Resolution Training for Employees

Our Conflict Resolution training workshops are for anyone wanting to build confidence in handling conflict in or out of work. By learning key skills, attendees will be able to manage and reduce conflict, and help resolve difficult or threatening situations.

Conflict Resolution Training for Managers

Our Conflict Resolution Training For Managers is an interactive workshop suitable for managers or team leaders who need to learn or develop practical skills to deal with conflict challenges in the workplace.

Effective Communication Training for Employees

An interactive and lively training course aimed at anyone wanting to understand how to communicate effectively. Learn or improve your physical and verbal communication skills to help deal with difficult people or situations in work and in everyday life.

Effective Communication Training for Managers

Our Effective Communication Training For Managers course is the perfect starting point for any manager or team leader who wants to improve the communication skills needed to explain tasks and goals to their team clearly and concisely.

Effective Time Management Training for Employees

Learn how to change your mindset to make real progress in improving your efficiency, productivity, and motivation. This dynamic course gives everyone the essential tools they need to feel confident in getting and staying organised.

Effective Time Management Training for Managers

Our Effective Time Management Training For Managers is purposely aimed at managers or team leaders who want to learn how to improve their time management skills to organise and manage their time and their teams more effectively.

Resilience and Wellbeing Training For Employees

Inclusive training for staff to improve their mental health and wellbeing and help build resilience to overcome any adversity, challenge, or stressful situation, at home or work. Giving perspective and balance to boost their mental and physical resilience.

Resilience and Wellbeing Training For Managers

Focused resilience training to help all managers improve their mental health and wellbeing and build their workplace resilience. Learning the skills and tools needed to feel more positive, engaged, and resilient to help themselves and their teams.

Bespoke Training

Targeted, engaging, and flexible training centred around the needs of your staff and your business. We cover specific areas of mental health and effective communications training, with learning aimed to increase workplace productivity and mental health.

Online Mental Health and Communications Training

Face-to-face training can sometimes be inconvenient, so each of our Mental Health and Communications training courses are available to you online through Zoom, Skype, or Teams. Each course is delivered to you live, in real-time, in exactly the same way as our group training.

Personal Business Coaching and Support

With the perfect mix of counselling, life and business coaching, and mental health training, our one-to-one personal business coaching will help and support you to achieve your goals and ambitions in business and life without burning out.

Training The Trainers – Mental Health And Communication Courses

Workplace mental health and communications training can bring plenty of benefits in different areas to all your staff, from communications and mental health training for employees to time management and conflict and resolution training for managers.

Training doesn’t have to be dull, boring, or tedious. It should be exciting, interactive, and above all, helpful. Having a positive and informal atmosphere in any training room is the key to effective learning and being passionate about any subject helps to create this culture. The enthusiasm, positivity, and energy of our trainers all go towards building a rapport with our delegates. While this helps you relax, it also increases your confidence and ability to understand the topic and learn at an accelerated pace. This is the training philosophy we stand by and it’s one that gives you the results you need.

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