When you spend your time teaching people, it’s important to remember to keep a healthy mind and stay up-to-date on the latest ways to enhance yourself and your pupils learning. 
Training for Schools, Colleges & Universities 
Clearfocus work with schools, colleges and universities to provide various forms of training in areas such as time management, presentation skills, mental health and also providing consultancy. All our facilitators have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their field, and our mental health facilitators are fully qualified. This we feel sets us apart from many other training companies. 
Our Courses are Tailored to Your Needs 
We are able to tailor our courses and workshops to the specific needs of your organisation in particular. So no more generic PowerPoint presentations to watch, just thoughtful, practical and co-operative training that you can get involved in right from the start. 
Staff Training 
We know that an organisation’s training needs aren’t limited to teaching, which is why our courses cover issues which may arise between staff, to effortlessly cover your concerns and ensure your colleagues are trained to handle the most frequent of situations with care. 
Training for your Students 
Young people are the leaders of the future, is a belief that we work by. It’s not just the people doing the teaching that need to be up to scratch, but the impressionable learners too. All our courses can be adapted for students as well as teachers, tailoring each of our courses to match the abilities of all ages. 
South Devon College are passionate about supporting and inspiring our community through learning, in a modern and friendly environment. 
"Excellent interactive workshop session, it allowed staff the opportunity to engage with one another and share experiences of different types of behaviour." 



We Listen 

We do things the right way by understanding your business, people, values and objectives. 

We Develop 

We create a custom-made, adaptable training inventory focused around your core requirements. 

We Succeed 

We take a proactive approach, working alongside your business to ensure you reach your goals. 

We Go Further 

Real staff feedback defines our success and ensures your organisational objectives are achieved. 
• Schools  
• Colleges 
• Universities 
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