The transport industry is fast-paced and goal-focused; no training company understands this more than Clearfocus. Our trainers specialise in the most popular transport sectors, with courses specifically for airlines, rail companies and other public transport organisations. 
Understand Your Customer  
When customers are the most important part of your business, it’s crucial that your staff are able to understand their needs and treat them in a way that will positively impact your company. With in-house training from our specialist facilitators, there’s never been a more convenient way to bring expert knowledge inside the comfort of your own office. 
Bespoke Courses & Workshops  
We’re able to provide fully bespoke courses and workshops in an array of areas from negotiation through to Workplace Mental Health Training, with course length and costs varying depending on exactly what your requirements are. We believe that by working alongside your company, we’re able to succeed where other training providers fall behind, by accurately engineering your success right from the start. 
Consultancy Services 
Some organisations also wish to remain in control of their internal training process and we respect this fully, which is why we operate a specialist consultancy service to offer a helping hand with your training strategy. This allows our experienced facilitators to give your in-house team a helping hand and adapt their strategy to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.  



We Listen 

We do things the right way by understanding your business, people, values and objectives. 

We Develop 

We create a custom-made, adaptable training inventory focused around your core requirements. 

We Succeed 

We take a proactive approach, working alongside your business to ensure you reach your goals. 

We Go Further 

Real staff feedback defines our success and ensures your organisational objectives are achieved. 
• Customer-Facing Roles 
• Logistics Management Staff 
• Customer Service Teams 
• Senior Management Teams 
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