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Our Conflict Resolution Training For Managers is an interactive workshop suitable for managers or team leaders who need to learn or develop practical skills to deal with conflict challenges in the workplace. All participants can gain these vital skills to help them effectively confront and control problematic or threatening conflicts, help resolve tense situations, reduce pressure, and improve the mental health of all staff. This training can be delivered face to face, or as live and interactive online training.

Course outlines

This stimulating 1-day conflict and resolution training for managers workshop sees course leaders, James and Priscilla, draw on their knowledge and personal experiences of conflict in different areas. Focusing on the power of face-to-face communication when dealing with workplace conflict, they’ll teach you how to deal with disputes and disagreements and understand how to use conflict positively in the workplace.

With a blend of informative presentations, personal experiences, interactive exercises, and lively discussion, the workshop content and training are specially modified to meet the specific needs of all attendees and will cover topics including:

Using conflict resolutions effectively
Using practical tools developed to measure an individual’s response to conflict

Recognising your behaviour and how it affects others
Understanding your triggers and the importance of how they affect you and others in different ways

Understanding your team’s, colleague’s, or customer’s point of view
Seeing things from someone else’s point of view is vital to understanding conflict between others

The definition of conflict
What conflict means and how it can be both positive and negative

Understanding the triggers and where conflict comes from
How situations, viewpoints, and opinions can affect people and cause conflict

The three stages of conflict response
How to deal with conflict by going through the fight, flight, or freeze responses

How to be a good listener
Patience and understanding are key to resolving conflict situations effectively

The importance of conflict validation
Understanding a team member’s situation and why they have a right to feel the way they do

When you complete the course, you’ll receive a personalised Conflict and Resolution Training For Managers certificate, which you can use for CPD, compliance, or audit purposes.

Why conflict resolution training is important

With around 85% of employees facing some kind of conflict at work and as much as 29% dealing with it regularly, negative conflict in the workplace can have far-reaching effects on staff and managers, including anxiety, stress, and depression.

With the right training, you can understand its importance and manage conflict in the workplace successfully. By using the tools and learning the techniques, you can quickly and efficiently resolve conflict in your team, improving workplace productivity, restoring harmony, empowering your team, and helping lessen potential conflict risks in the future.

Course aims

Whatever team size you manage, workplace conflicts can happen between anyone at any time, whether it’s cross-department staff, individual team members, or even staff members and customers. By learning the conflict and resolution skills needed, managers can understand how to resolve conflict effectively in the workplace.

Workplace conflict can cause harm to the close alliance co-workers might need. But if left unresolved, it could also affect a business’s professional reputation. With our training, managers will learn and improve their skills and gain the confidence needed to mediate, creating a safer, less hostile workplace for everyone.

Our Conflict and Resolution Training For Managers will look deeper into these areas and more besides, giving managers the skills to:

  • Understand how conflict in your team or workplace can start
  • Recognise the positives and negatives of workplace conflict
  • Identify team members who might be at risk of workplace conflict
  • Prevent workplace conflicts from happening or getting out of control
  • Effectively manage hostile flare-ups or continuing conflicts by using alternative dispute resolutions
More information
  • This is a 1-day course, but it can be adapted and run as a half-day to suit your needs
  • No former knowledge or training is required for Managers taking this course
  • We can adapt your course to provide training in specific areas if required
  • We limit spaces to a maximum of 15 people for the best results
  • We can visit you onsite at a venue, day, and time of your choice, anywhere in the UK for face to face training
  • We also offer live and interactive online training
James and Priscilla are wonderful. I attended a Positive Conflict training session in November and found it really insightful.It was an extremely useful afternoon with practical advice and a pragmatic look at office environment issues.
James & Priscilla visited us today to deliver Resilience in the Workplace training. The session was fantastic, and enjoyed by all. The day was incredibly interesting and very engaging, and I know everyone left having taken a lot away to use going forward. We will definitely be requesting some further training with Clearfocus Training going forward!
Insightful and interesting
Really enjoyed the course. Would definitely recommend really informative and the trainers were great
We had some fantastic training on mental health and well being for managers.James & Priscilla really made the training interesting & helpful!Would definitely book more training in the future with Clearfocus!
James and Priscilla were engaging and kept the course interesting using a mix of videos, music, activities and text content. They were both friendly and knowledgeable, especially in how to engage a mixed group of delegates with different roles and attitudes.They came on site for two days to run Effective Communication Training for 23 individuals, who all gave positive feedback at the end of each day, and felt the course was worthwhile and have learnt a lot from it.I won't hesitate to use Clearfocus training again, and will be in contact with James in the near future to plan more training across the wider Business of DHG.
I found Clearfocus’ 1 day mental health training for employees relevant, informative and delivered in an engaging way.
Really helpful, educational and enjoyable training! Thanks so much!
Great company with knowledgeable and skilled staff. The courses are engaging are presented in a fun and easily understandable format. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for training!
A great company giving excellent training !
Thank you Clearfocus for the training you offered on how to manage conflicts in the work place. You are very professional and very knowledgeable in your work. Keep it up!!
Having worked with Clearfocus Training over the last 12 months, I've seen and learnt just how their experience, professionalism, and empathy have helped both employers and employees. James and Priscilla are inspirational and engaging – exactly what you need for mental health and communication training.
Super-impressed with the advice on their training courses and wonderful service delivery.
Excellent service
Fantastic company I couldn’t recommend them enough, James and Priscilla are great to work with!
A very professionally presented and interactive workshop session which gave the team the scope and confidence to interact with one and another and share their individual experiences.I am sure the session has enhanced their understanding of behaviors and different situations and equipped them with more tools to better handle different environments & thrive.
Awesome courses and great instructors.l would definitely recommend this to myco-workers and all my friends,🤩
First class service. Can't recommend highly enough.
Clearfocus training delivered great fun workplace training! I found them very informative and friendly chat. It gave me great confidence with the organisation and I am looking forward to kick starting my new learning journey with them.Thanks once again xx
Great company with knowledgeable and skilled staff in the field of mental health.
Very good training!

Why choose Clearfocus Training?

Our lead facilitator, trainer, and MD, James, has plenty of personal experience working with conflict. But this experience isn’t just through previous training. It also comes through his work as a psychotherapist and the conflict issues people have previously brought to his sessions. This invaluable knowledge and experience is what James brings and shares in every workshop and training course.

Co-lead facilitator, trainer, and MD, Priscilla, also has a deep knowledge of conflict and resolution training. She regularly shares her experiences of arriving in England from South Africa and the emotional, personal, and cultural conflict that followed.

Both James and Priscilla give fascinating, real-life insights that make their training and advice so invaluable – they also understand how all businesses have different training needs.

That’s why every Conflict Resolution Training For Managers workshop contains specially selected materials with course content adapted to your business, so it’s relatable and relevant and resonates with Managers and their circumstances. Read our why choose Clearfocus? page for more information.

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All our mental health and communication training courses are developed by James and Priscilla, both fully qualified mental health professionals, and delivered with real-life, personal experiences and insights. We offer face to face training, or live and interactive online training. Find out more about them and meet the team >

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