A massive way we can raise awareness around the importance of Mental Health and Mental Health Training, is by starting a blog. 
For those who have their own experiences with Mental Health, interested in or even a professional in the field of Mental Health; a blog is a fantastic way to get your voice heard whilst you spread the positive word! To show you just how effective they can be… 
Here are the Top 10 Mental Health Blogs: 
First launched in 2011 by information scientist André Tomlin, The Mental Elf understandably, quickly became a popular resource for unparalleled mental health and social care information. Now having over a 150 writer who share their experience and expertise, the site has become a massive hub that raises awareness on important topics such as, Anxiety and Depression, Bullying and the prevention of Suicide. 
Writing about his own experiences, Mike’s Open Journal is a fantastic mental health and lifestyle blog which has the aim to share helpful and interesting topics that raises awareness and guides the blog’s audience. With open content that talks about common conundrums such as socialising, self-care and dating, Mike really displays a perspective that displays just how life situations can be Mental Health triggers. 
The Powys Mental Health Blog was first created in 2012 and is written by volunteers from the Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations. The Pows Mental Health Blog has a central focus on the Powys area and openly supports those who needs it with group meetings and community events. The information and content is personal and incredibly relatable. No doubt the reason it has become so popular! 
Grace F. Victory was created by blogger, vlogger and presenter Grace Victory. Grace uses her popularity as a solid platform to talk about issues faced by young women. Grace expresses the importance in body positivity, positive achievements, self-love and is no rising to fame as the ‘Internet’s Big Sister’. Grace talks about all areas of Mental Health and so there are also topics regarding fashion and lifestyle. 
Hugely relatable and massively popular, Mum in a Hurry was originally launched by Mum of two, Abi Shepherd as a Twitter account with the intent to vent her concerns and express her opinions. Later developing her content into a blog format, Abi now covers an impressive range of topics such as, parenthood, bipolar disorder, divorce, single life and includes her own life experiences. 
Stuart Sorensen began writing his blog to raise people’s awareness on the daily issues we face and discusses social psychology. He uploads content which points straight down the middle with posts and videos around mental health, anxiety and depression self-harm and even personality disorders. The blog breaks down barriers of stigmas and constructively explains the faculties of different mental health problems. 
Not only a popular parenting Learning to Dad is also a massive outlet in discussing Mental Health issues and raising awareness to the blog’s viewers. Written by a stay at home dad who suffers with anxiety and depression, Learning to Dad openly talks about the highs and lows of bringing up kids. This is extremely relative to not just Dads but Mums also. 
When she was diagnosed with an eating disorder in 2012, Nicole used her blog as a form of relief and distraction from her adversity. Her blog is no longer an escape strategy but rather a platform to discuss her recovery and what others can do to achieve the same. 
9. Relax Ya Self to Health 
Helen Gilbert is a freelance health journalist who created Relax Ya Self To Health after her health took an unexpected and unfortunate turn that had doctors extremely confused. Her blog describes her journey to find clarity on her health issues whilst also trying to deal with it emotionally. 
10. Joe Rogan Podcast 
Although the Joe Rogan Podcast is not a blog or completely dedicated to Mental Health, Joe Rogan himself is a very alternative thinker who has the leverage to bring professionals from the world of phycology on to his shows. Perhaps one of the most influential personalities regarding the rise in awareness, the Joe Rogan Podcast is a great format to find new information from reliable sources. 
Bringing the topic of Mental Health to the awareness of the public, is only possible if those who have an opinion or experience speak up. Perhaps starting a Mental Health blog is the best way for you to make your mark. 

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