Did you know? 

20 Million working days are lost each year due to Mental Health Issues 
This costs British Industry over £70 Million 
Stress Depression and Anxiety has increased by 24% in 6 years 

Workplace Mental Health Training With Clearfocus: 

Reduce stress and lost days in the workplace. 
Spot the early warning signs and prevent issues developing. 
Create a safe environment with good mental health. 
Raise awareness and understanding of mental health issues. 
Develop relaxation and stress management techniques. 
Learn to be a Mental Health Promoter for your organisation. 
Mental illnes is nothing to be ashamed of. But stigma and bias shame us all 
Bill Clinton 
When I pushed people away it was actually when I needed people the most 
Cindie Anne 
Mental health is a sickness just like diabetes, heart problems, eye problems, we all need help! 
Bettie Borden 


Recognise what triggers mental health issues and take the appropriate steps. 
Recognise when someone is in need of support. 
Spotting early warning signs. 
How to keep good mental health. 
Creating a safe environment that encourages people to talk about mental health. 
Challenging the stigma of mental health. 
What is mental health and what is mental health not. 
Dealing with and reducing workplace stress. 
Mental health first aid. 
Understanding symptoms of different types of mental health. 
Learn to be a Mental Health Promoter for your organisation. 
Suicide awareness and prevention. 
Wellbeing strategies. 
Youth mental health first aid. 
Stress management. 
Emotional well-being. 
Mental health training for managers. 
Student mental health first aid. 
Mental health awareness. 
Mental health awareness for staff. 
Work life balance. 
Dealing with work place stress. 
Relaxation techniques. 
All Clearfocus mental health training courses are run by fully qualified mental health professionals, something that sets us apart from many other training companies.  
Mental health is now a major cause for concern among every organisation, with recent reports showing it is now the main cause of staff absence across the country, although there is still a lot of stigma around mental health.  
There are more than 6000 people in the UK and Ireland that take their lives through suicide every year which works out to be 1 death by suicide every 2 hours. 
Our Workplace Mental Health Training courses help to educate businesses on the facts of mental health awareness, prevention and what to look out for within themselves and their workplace to help reduce the number of mental health issues which occur. It also helps to prevent long term staff illness and is an integral part of Continued Professional Development (CPD). 
Clearfocus training helps to equip companies with skills and knowledge so they can then put them into practice in their workplace, leading to a much healthier and happier workforce. 
Working with organisations across the UK, we're able to help them increase their awareness of mental health and ensure they have the adequate prevention provisions in place to be able to assist their staff effectively, including the neccessary first aid competencies. 
All business and industries have a legal and moral duty of care to their workforce and should recognise the need for mental health training within their company. We recognise this need and have developed the following training courses to assist. Whether you work directly with the public or need to know how to support yourself or colleagues, we have a course that will cater directly for your training requirements.  
Join the movement towards mental health excellence in the workplace and contact a member of our team today. 
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