Engaging with the faculties of good mental health can at times be like carrying a bag of lead. Imagine that at first when showing up to work, your strength is holding out and your peers do not think any different. But then, as time continues to move and the days float past, the bag becomes heavier, the thick led gradually becomes ever more unbearable. And although you are able to move, you grow weaker and weaker. And what is worst, you do not know how to put the bag down… 
If it was not already exhausting enough, the added stress caused by your obligations at work, and perhaps the endless concern of how your behaviour is perceived by others, one truly finds themselves in a hostile environment, alone and seemingly helpless. The latest statistics show that 1 in 4 individuals experience mental health problems. In an office of 40, there are 10 individuals who are suffering, 10 individuals that still show their faces to work every day without effect knowledge over their condition and without efficient help from others around them. What can we do to help our selves and those around us? 
This is 5 top tips on how to put the bag down. 
There is no reason what so ever to feel ashamed or think less of yourself for the way you currently feel. We are Human!!! We are born extremely sensitive, like a finely tuned instrument. Every now and then we fall out of tune, and ultimately, this should be expected, life is not always easy. Tell whoever it is you should speak to, and be completely honest about how you feel. 
You knew this one (“HELP”) was coming, it is, of course, the first thing anyone is expected to do, and yet, it is all too often beyond reach. The fear of judgment is enough to create distance between you and anyone who can help. The more you talk the less of a stigma it becomes. So just put it out there to the wisest looking soul you can find. This will not only help you, it will help others to step forward and seek help. 
Make self-help books your most trusted friends and take them with you wherever you go, even bring them to work. I absolutely GUARANTEE YOU;… that someone will come forth and ask where you got that particular book. This is due to the fact that there are undoubtedly others within your working environment that also suffers from mental health issues. This is an action that creates awareness with others, whilst also benefiting you with cognitive help. 
Either before or after your working day, try to find space to exercise. The mind releases serotonin (which creates positive emotions) after the body has experienced a workout. Try running, or perhaps venting on a punching bag. Regardless of your choice in exercise it is not only a natural anti-depressant, it is a highly positive habit that creates rewarding results. 
It can be extremely difficult to fight off the apathy and continue to follow your passions. Explore what it is that nourishes your well-being and step wherever it may lead you. We are not on earth to overindulge in paperwork, we are here to live and do what we find enjoyable. 
Mental health issues do not need to be as hidden or as complicated as they currently are. The chain that cycles such degrading taboos over mental health is perhaps half the battle. Once you openly allow yourself to be a little off colour and expect the necessary support from others, you’ll find there is a whole world of voices that are desperate to be heard. Perhaps it takes someone like you to learn how to put the “bag” down and impliment basic Mental Health Training, so others can too. 

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