For many of us inside the bubble of our own business, it can be incredibly difficult to see the areas in which we can improve for the optimisation of our business performance. One of the major factors holding businesses back, which is actually one of the more overlooked and minor human faculties; is conflict in the workplace. 
Here Are 5 Reasons Why Conflict in The Workplace is Holding Your Business Back 
Misdirected Focus 
Naturally, if there is to much time and energy dealing with conflict; then there are more important objectives which will be overlooked by default. This is, of course, the other side of the penny because if conflict problems are not resolved then conflict is most certainly your greatest problem. Not until effective communication is established will you be able to direct your focus to where it should be. 
Poor Communication 
Poor communication is somewhat linked to the reason above, however, in the context of when communication is most important, this is regarding team meetings. One of the biggest problems with meetings is commonly, a solution or strategy to a problem has not been established and without productive communication, you may find that even more problems have arisen. We can often find ourselves battling our peers to back our own ideas and when meetings are functioning in such a way, we end up with many ideas but nothing tangible to move forward with. Communications Training is not so much about learning how to speak but rather, how to listen. 
Increased Stress 
Conflict in the workplace will undoubtedly cause stress within the working environment. The way the human mind works on this level is by identification. For example, many who work from home find it difficult to sleep when they make their bedroom their office. The brain identifies with the bedroom as a place of work and thus, the individual finds it hard to not think about tasks when they should be sleeping. The same goes for stress in the workplace, team members will identify with the working environment as a source of stress. This will cause them to become apathetic to the performance which is required of them and will become far less productive. 
Individual Competition Rather Than Team Success 
A business cannot reach great success without highly motivated and ambitious team members. They are truly an asset which should be nurtured and challenged at the same time. However, without the correct communication skills and an understanding of team operatives, staff members can easily start to step on each other’s toes. If they were not busy competing against one another, imagine what they could achieve competing against your competitors as a team. Remember, two great minds are better that one and individual minds working against each other is as good as having none. 
Uncomfortable Working Environment 
What unresolved conflict problems in the workplace amount to, is a really uncomfortable working environment. This can be even worse than the stress which is produced by conflict, for there is always a subtle but nonetheless relentless tension. Who wants to work in such a place; absolutely nobody. By fixing conflict and communications problems the working environment can find a positive balance, a team experience can be established and a communal atmosphere will always be more productive than a segregated one. 
Our Workplace Mental Health Training courses do not only look at individual adversity, they are also designed to investigate how the whole environment is affecting team members. It is never more distinctive than when addressing conflict in the workplace and the evidence truly does suggest that it is holding your business back. 
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