In 2015, Clearfocus Mental Health and Communications Training started life after a successful counselling, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy company decided to shift focus to the business-training sector.
Six years on, and Clearfocus Training provides specialist mental health and communications training to businesses and organizations up and down the country. Covering many core areas and subjects, including Mental Health in the Workplace, Mental Health Awareness, Conflict and Resolution, and Effective Communication among others, Clearfocus Training always looks to develop a safer working environment.
But who is Clearfocus Training? This article aims to give you some background information on who we are and what it is that makes us qualified to help you and your business with mental health and communication in the workplace.

Who are our trainers? 

Our training speciality is mental health and communication in the workplace, helping employers and employees alike, by giving them the skills they need to survive and thrive in any working environment. While one of our key benefits is the fact that we’re a small, family-run training provider, supplying this crucial training is not a one-size fits all exercise.
Mental health issues affect everyone differently so our aim is to educate and train staff to bring about immediate changes in culture and practices, while sowing the seeds for growth in staff performance, wellbeing, and retention. But how do we give our courses the level of insight required? That comes down to the specialist knowledge of our qualified trainers and their notable backgrounds.

> James Holloway 

Managing Director, James, is lead facilitator for Clearfocus and has over 10 years’ experience in psychotherapy and counselling. In a previous life, James owned and ran a successful landscaping & platform hire company for a decade until 2007. But due to ongoing pressure and stress, he suffered severe burnout which led to a struggle with mental health.
After a two-year period of therapy and recuperation, James retrained for a further two years before qualifying as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist and working in the NHS. Two years later, and James had two private practices offering psychotherapy and counselling services across the South West. During that time, he saw an increasing number of clients coming to him from a variety of different workplaces.
The one thing each of those clients had in common was a lack of mental health support for a range of work-based situations including time management and conflict issues. Motivated by the lack of mental health awareness in business, James took the opportunity to refocus and gain particular insight into how to train businesses to support their staff.
This led to founding Clearfocus Training in 2015 which now effectively delivers general training courses, tailored to meet the needs and requirements of any company and their staff.

> Priscilla Mgute 

Joining James as co-lead facilitator at Clearfocus, is Priscilla Mgute. Becoming part of the team in our early years, Priscilla joined us as an already experienced trainer and qualified BSc Mental Health nurse.
Coming to the UK from South Africa in 2003, Priscilla worked junior roles in the NHS from 2009 – 2012 before volunteering to shadow mental health nurses for the next year, getting hands-on experience of working in the sector. This led to completing a college Access to Nursing course in 2013/14, while still continuing to work in mental health.
After her successful college stint, Priscilla went on to study for a mental health nursing degree at University of the West of England (UWE) from 2014 to 2017, gaining in-depth knowledge of working with diverse mental health issues and the theory behind it.
Her impressive education, together with working in in-patient and community settings, has given Priscilla hands-on experience of different mental health diagnoses, care, and internal and external issues, such as stress, conflict, and time management.
The combined knowledge and experience of both James and Priscilla, drawing on personal stories and real-life scenarios, goes towards tailoring each course we facilitate, while adding extra value.

Our courses 

Awareness in mental health has been on the increase, but many employers are still only doing, or are able to do, ‘just enough’ to improve employee mental health and wellbeing. So, as an employer, what can you do to increase support for your staff, and how can Clearfocus Training courses help you?
Each of our comprehensive courses is led by James and/or Priscilla. Their shared knowledge, insights, and experiences, together with their relaxed, engaging, and personable nature, gives each one an extra layer of authenticity.
But no business or its staff is ever the same. For each course to work effectively, we’re flexible in our techniques, tailoring the content to be relevant and vital to your staff. Modifying your course, we can provide specialist learning that suits everyone’s needs and learning styles. So, while the courses have a structured core, each one is adapted to suit your requirements.
With each course aimed at a maximum of 15 delegates, the session is small enough to get each attendee involved. But despite the relatively small numbers, we occasionally break into even smaller groups, encouraging interaction and openness.

Bespoke training 

Many businesses we work with require training on a specific or niche workplace issue. One of our strengths is having the ability to develop a completely bespoke training course, directly suited to the issues you or your staff are facing.
Working closely with you, one of our flexible and bespoke sessions can be targeted around your needs. This allows us room for discussion beforehand, exploring the issues, then implementing specific methods and techniques to create a custom training session aimed at addressing and resolving the problem area.

Choose Clearfocus Training 

Generally speaking, much progress on mental health in the workplace has and continues to be made. As the issue of mental health gains more traction in the media, we’re seeing many more examples of how employers are tackling mental health issues in the workplace.
After all, a good working environment with open communication helps employees achieve more and maintain good mental health. But working environments or workplaces with no real provision for mental health are still taking their toll on both employees and Managers.
With figures suggesting that 52% of employees with an experience of poor mental health at work citing pressure as the cause, and only 11% of managers in the UK having received training on understanding workplace stressors[1], there’s still plenty to be done.
If Clearfocus Training can help you and your staff overcome specific workplace issues or tensions, or you need more mental health awareness and training for you or your staff, get in touch with us today.
Visit the Clearfocus Training site for more information on us, our courses, and how we can help you.
[1] Source: ‘Mental Health at Work Report 2019’ Business in the Community.

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