Within society, we usually feel that we are weak if we experience the crippling sensations of anxiety and for the most part, we usually fester in a level of shame or guilt.  
However, employee and employer alike are likely to have both suffered from overwhelming stress and anxiety. Here is how to help those who suffer….. 
Unconditional Support 
There is very little which is gained through expecting your employees to simply puff out their chests and continue to work effectively. This could also be recognised as pressure, and pressure could also be deemed as stress, which is likely adding fire to fire. Rather, it is far more effective to welcomingly open your arms for support and express your compassion. This relieves the employees of added stress through pressure and gives them much needed time to rest emotionally. 
Gain Knowledge 
There may be those who continue to work even with an Anxiety Disorder and without the correct knowledge of their condition through effective Mental Health Training, it is likely that employers will react with displease rather than empathy. Imagine how employees will react to an employer who openly tries to understand their condition and the level of trust within a working relationship this will form. When all is said and done, and such individuals reach recovery, the employers who acted receptively and tried to understand, will be looking at their next best employee. 
Offer Guidance in Finding Professional Help 
This again will serve as an act which forms trust between you and your staff. Perhaps they are now in need of professional help and as a leader, it would benefit your company, yourself and your staff to express rational understanding of their current adversity and support them in finding help. No matter how business orientated your company may be, this must be done because it is quite simply the right thing to do. 
Self Help Book Shelf 
How many companies advocate the emotional development of their staff? Something as simple and perhaps as subliminal as creating a bookshelf with self-developing content will not only help those who are currently suffering, but also prevent future suffering for others. Truly, the type of leader that is prepared to reach out in such a way will receive an unrivalled workforce. 
Panic Attacks 
Stress and anxiety can result in the overwhelming experience of a Panic Attack, to the un-experienced eye; the individual is seemingly acting completely out of context. However, panic attacks can be so horrific for the individual experiencing them that it is important to recognise the signs and learn the ways in which you can help. 
The individual may express: 
– A sensation of impending doom – Remind them that they are in a safe environment and will be looked after. 
– Fear of passing out or even dying – Remind them that studies show not a single person has ever passed out or died from a panic attack and that it is only anxiety; such thoughts are natural but they are also completely false. 
– May wish to leave and go home – Do not let them leave without additional support and informing a family member to comfort them. 
Back to knowledge; 
If any individual has experienced what you believe is a panic attack it is fundamental that all of the steps written above are followed to ensure the well-being of your staff. 
Overall, there is not a single person who has not experienced some form of suffering due to stress. However, there are those who experience stress in a magnified sensation and such individuals should be supported by their employers to ensure their development and well-being. 

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