Mental Health issues are rising, which can only now be regarded as an emotional epidemic. Unfortunately, this is not the only concern for the individual that suffers, he or she will also find their working responsibilities become increasingly difficult and as an employer, it can feel like an impossible task to spot the issue, let alone address it professionally and constructively. 
The current statistics reveal that 1 in 6 will be suffering from Mental Health issues at any given time and that 1 in 4 will experience these issues at some stage in their lives. These numbers are staggering and for the most part is incomprehensible. 
A staff team of 40 would suggest 10 of your employees will at some stage suffer from at least one of the many mental health problems that are spread across the spectrum 
Here are some top tips on how managers can improve the mental health of their employees from the Clearfocus mental health team. 
Identifying Symptoms 
. Mental health symptoms present themselves in many forms. 
– Physical changes such as sudden weight loss or weight gain 
– Looking run down and a lack of presentation 
– Turning introverted or showing manic-like behaviour 
– Restlessness, fatigue and difficulty concentrating (may fall behind) 
– Expressing their problems to others 
The narrative that suggests a member of staff may be suffering from mental health issues can be vast; however, it is recommendable to observe general changes in behaviour and well-being. 
Seeking Reliable Sources for Help 
Knowledge in the case is power; expanding your understanding of mental health and especially the faculty of its presence within the working environment will, in turn, create greater awareness of your staff. Clearfocus have employed strategies from a professional background and suggest you research your sources beforehand. Take time to read relatable books and even contact a professional. 
Break the Taboo 
Equally rivaled to an epidemic of mental health issues is also the reality that nobody is talking about it. Understandably, it may feel intrusive to openly approach those who your fear may be suffering and thus, you may have to apply subliminal messages that express your willingness to make mental health an open and important subject. 
– Make a self-help and self-development book corner 
– Suggest a team charity run for mental health 
– Create a motivational quote board 
Take time to be creative when making yourself welcome and breaking the taboo of mental health. It will show your compassion for others. 
Making positive changes in the working environment 
Perhaps, for the time being, you may be lost for words. However, actions can at times speak much louder and thus, make a greater impact. Taking away the small negative things that nag endlessly and replacing them with the positive can be enough to create a small shift in energy. The likelihood is, if it’s annoying you then it is annoying everyone else. And even then you may be blind to other communal peeves. Take the time to gather opinions. This will, of course, benefit everyone in your workforce. 
Clearfocus believe it is a humbling opportunity for employers to improve the emotional health of their staff with Mental Health Training, and as a result, it will not only improve the employee’s well-being but also the way in which they engage with their tasks at work. It is then conclusive that employers within all industries have a major role to play in the development and well-being of their team member’s. 

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