Whether you realised it or not, your colleagues are those who you spend most of your time with – So how can you make certain that you’ll like one another and evolve as an effective team within the workplace? Here are 5 ways to enjoy time with your workforce outside of work. 
Studies show; working teams that are able to enjoy socialising with one another are far more effective than team members who dislike each other. There is no need to think of unworldly creativities to have a laugh with your work mates and so, perhaps the nature of this list is to actually remind you how fun the basic activities are and the positive effects Mental Health Training will have in the workplace. 
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1. Pub Quiz 
Who doesn’t enjoy getting a little competitive at a pub quiz! This is a great way to socialise with your team whilst having a few drinks and embarrassing oneself by an endless lack of common knowledge (speaking for myself, of course). This is a perfect way to learn not to take yourself too seriously as well as others. Naturally, this will also become a great team asset in the workplace. 
2. Create a Sports Team 
Understandably you would have to find a sport that interests the majority of individuals but there is no reason not to try something new. I had once met an Ultimate Frisbee team who had formed as a result of working together. None of them had ever tried Ultimate Frisbee before, and now, that cannot get enough of it. Besides having great fun, the “Frisbee Flingers” had learnt how to operate as an effective team and was able to transfer this into the working environment also. 
Possibly the biggest team day out cliché there is and yet it is rare that you actually get around to doing it. It always seems to start off as an idea that never makes it into full swing. The funny thing about paintballing is; we lads are most commonly and catastrophically mistaken by the belief that the ladies aren’t so “into it” - a false preconception that has got our butt’s whooped time and time again! Although paintballing is not “completely harmless” it is innocent and is a great way to connect with your team members. 
4. Activity Centres 
A day out at an activity centre is the peak of fun and exciting team days. From rock climbing, abseiling, kayaking and canoeing, these places have it all. They also have many team building activates which are a fantastic laugh but also subliminally constructive in the way it makes us consider our behaviour within a team. Something that can easily be transferred into the workplace. Most of all, activity centres give us adults a chance to quite simply be kids again and tap into our true childlike selves which is too often masked by being the face of success. A day to be silly! 
5. Summer BBQ 
This year has passed by so quickly and plummeted straight into the summer season. What better time to whip out the BBQ Rib recipe’s and get the work team together for a delicious feast. There is nothing dramatic about such an event but it’s a perfect way for team members to see a different side to one another, to discover things that that had not known about each other and find common interests. All whilst enjoying fantastic food and blues skies. Simple and easy but you cannot beat it! 
Getting your team to socialise and connect with one another outside of the workplace is a sure way to have them excited about working with each other and as a result, they are more likely to enjoy their work and because of this, they will be more likely to achieve so much more. 
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