Incredibly, there is even more to take from your recovery than just your recovery itself. 
Here are 5 Things I learnt About My Recovery from Anxiety 
1. Recovery Is Not Just For The Lucky 
In fact, recovery is imminent as long as one finds the correct teachings and information. What manifests an Anxiety Disorder is the same faculty which maintains the Disorder and this faculty is 100% changeable and can be done without anything but your own capacity to learn and try. This means that every single last person who suffers from anxiety can absolutely regain control over their anxious state as long as they are correctly guided through the correct method. 
2. We Could Have Learnt About Anxiety as Children 
The late Author of Help and Cure for Your Nerves – Dr Claire Weekes had received a Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts in helping countless of Millions recover from their Anxiety Disorder. Her long term vision was to create an educational platform for children to learn about anxiety and the methods needed to manage it. She believed this would work as a form of prevention rather than cure from “Nervous Breakdown” (as Anxiety Disorders were recognised). Which, for anyone who has recovered from an Anxiety Disorder, will recognise this as truth; it is far more useful to have the tools to deal with anxiety before “Nervous Breakdown” rather than after. 
3. We Become Intensely Compassionate 
For many, the experience with anxiety can be so intense, so relentless and emotionally exhausting that it can make us retract far from vanities and other emotional identifications. Although to others we may look selfish because we are so internalised, we are actually quite the opposite. We become so aware of what it is to suffer, that we soon drop our grudges and judgments that we previously held over others. For what use is there in carrying more negative emotions? In this way we become very compassionate for others and our perspectives shift. For me, my teenage bitterness had literally shifted overnight, I saw others as humans simply doing their best and who could fault them for that. 
4. We Become a Master Over Ourselves 
What I mean by this is that the way we relinquish panic attacks is the same way we relinquish work related stress, it is just on a smaller scale. As one finds a deeper confidence in his or her recovery, they soon find that smaller stressors begin to slide off of their backs as fast as it arrived there. We begin to feel a great sense of emotional power and understand that if we could deal with something as sensationally extreme as a panic attack, everyday stress is a walk in the park. We do not disregard the situation, but neither do we need the faculty of stress to fix it and luckily we have become the master over ourselves and need not feel stressed if we want not. It becomes strangely as simple as that. 
5. Un-changing Gratefulness 
If you have recovered already then this will make perfect sense and if you are yet to reach recovery, you will have this to look forward to. Once recovered, you will become overwhelming grateful that you ever had this experience; you will see it as one of the greatest things to have happened to you and this is why. To recover, you must learn about yourself, about how you react to thought and the sensation of stress, and how that reaction controls your behaviour which then creates further stress and anxiety. Recovery is like unshackling yourself from the compulsive and moving into a sense of emotional freedom. Only this may not have happened if you did not have an Anxiety Disorder. Once you have recovered, you would not change the experience for the world, in many ways, it gives you the world. 
There is more to recovery than just getting back to work, or being able to go out for dinner again, this is by far one of the most powerful life lessons one can go through. With the correct method and Mental Health Training, you’ll be out the other side before you know it. 

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