It’s no secret that a great sense of well-being is the secret to happiness but unfortunately there is an ignored theme that happiness only belongs in our personal life. With an average of 40 hours being dedicated to our working week (8 hours a day) why should the focus on well-being be limited to a person’s life outside of his or her career? It is clear that with such a massive chunk of our life being involved with our working responsibilities, employers should consider the company benefits in creating room for staff well-being.

Here Are 5 Reasons Employers Should Care About Staff Well-being 

1. Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is beginning to become popular amongst companies that are considering the well-being of their staff. Effectively, what it means is an interaction between staff and employers where feelings, views, perspectives, and opinions are expressed openly. This could be carried out in a simplistic fashion; such as leaving a suggestion box out in the office. But how the gesture is received by employees is far more beneficial because it shows employees that their employers do care and wish to consider their views so that they can create a greater working experience for them. As a result, this creates a greater emotional attachment between the employees and their job roles, enabling them to perform tasks with higher interest.

2. Increased Productivity 

Well-being suggests a pleasant experience and although such a statement seems so obvious, it is being heavily ignored within the workplace. Yet, imagine how effectively employees will interact with their work if their work itself is a source of a fulfilling sense of Well-being. Naturally, such an employee will be excited to wake up for work, ready to take on new challenges, and have their full focus on the tasks in front of them. Such an employee will be an unparalleled workforce but more importantly, such an employee will want to be this effective because of a vested return. This means the return must come from the workplace.

What can you create within the workplace to urge your employees desire to be there? In truth, nothing more is needed than an expressed effort that is sincere, just as a handmade birthday card is received with far more gratitude, even if you can’t draw to save your life. It is the effort that employees connect with and therefore and a newfound desire is formed to perform at work through the sense of being a team member rather than just an “employee”.

3. Employer Return on Investment 

Perhaps there is no such thing as a good deed but sure enough once a good deed is carried out; it does feel great. Employers feel great due to their efforts which resulted in employees feeling great which then urges employers to regenerate the cycle and the feel-good clock keeps turning.

Although you may not like the revelations that unfold; a good way to gauge how your staff feel is by handing out unofficial feedback forms. After you have implemented changes to work the place, hand out feedback forms again and see the difference in your employee’s expressions. Naturally, you’ll never be able to please absolutely everyone but this kind of thing uplifts the working environment – A happy business is a successful business.

4. Recruitment and Retention 

Beyond the personal experience of your staff, your business still needs to perform highly to be a success. But what if this could result from your employee’s working experience. This doesn’t mean how long they have worked for or where they have previously been employed, this means; was their experience at work uplifting and rewarding?

If you take the time to focus on your team members, create room for professional growth, and make space for well-being in the workplace, you will soon have highly developed employees who function far more effectively than that of your competitors. Everyone wins in a sense. Your staff enjoy working for your company and thus, perform and develop at a higher rate, which is great for the success of the business. But also, your high performing team members will unlikely want to move on to another company. You’ll be able to retain employees that you recruited and enjoy working for you. This will push your business further than you could ever imagine.

5. Company Reputation 

If you have carried out a method that has implemented strategies for your employees to develop a sense of well-being within the workplace, then not only will you have team members which perform tasks with greater focus and efficiency, you will have team members who enjoy doing it.

The success this brings to businesses is completely unrivaled. Equally, the reputation that your company will inhabit will undoubtedly make you leaders in your field. Everyone will want to work for you, competitors will wonder what your secret is and who knew, it was nothing more than dedicating time to your staff’s well-being in the workplace.


Mental Health Training for Staff Well-being

Mental Health Training is very much involved with prevention. If your employees feel great at work, you can almost guarantee that they’ll feel equally as good within their life outside of work. A sense of fulfillment and reward is all that is needed for a person’s Health and Well-being. All businesses are responsible for advocating this within their own ethos. Rest assured, it benefits absolutely everyone!

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