The level of standard and performance of which a business will operate, can only expand and continue to grow through the development of your staff. One area within all industries which is consistently neglected is sales and yet, the more we sell, the further we can expand our businesses. Thus, we can only succeed if we are prepared to give our staff effective training. It is so common for those in a position of leadership to forget that it is our staff who is the driving force toward failure and success.

3 Sales Tips For Your Staff


1. Listening With Intent 

Naturally, we have to introduce ourselves in order to engage and create rapport with the potential client. However, what is most unnatural for people who are just beginning sales is to listen more than they speak.
The potential customer has had to welcome you by default and thus, they care very little about whom you are and rather, they will enjoy this opportunity to discuss aspects of themselves.
– Create an opportunity for the potential customer to talk about them.
– Ask leading questions and compliment them.
– Agree with their view and relate to their point of view.
– Avoid voicing your sales pitch until rapport has been established.
By adopting the position as a listener with intent, the potential client will enjoy speaking to you because they have the opportunity to talk about themselves. By expressing themselves to you, you will soon establish rapport and will be able to pitch your services.

2. Don’t Sell 

As remarkable as it might sound, you will find little success in trying to sell your product. This is because people do not buy things simply because a salesperson suggested it, they must have a legitimate need for the product because of a problem. No problem, no need. Once they have discovered a problem, they will naturally instigate in fixing it. If you were underwater and needed an oxygen tank, do you think a sales representative would have to “sell” it to you, or would you simply take it off his hands because it fixes the problem?
Your problem is, they may not know they have a problem, so rather than sell your product, you must help them discover a problem of which can only be solved through purchasing your product. Nobody wants to be sold something they don’t know they need.

3. Close a Sale With Absolute confidence 

After you have engaged with the potential client and have discussed their need for the product because of a particular problem they may or may not be aware of, you should be able to close your sale with absolute confidence. The reason being is because you have created rapport, you can now speak openly, and furthermore, the potential client is now aware of their need for your product and as a result, you are simply acting as a middleman. You are no longer selling them anything; you are creating the exchange, which means you should address closing your sale as if it is so obvious they are going to buy the product that it’s barely worth mentioning. The best way to do this is to close with a question.
For example,
– “You said your daughter is moving out next week, should I add two cleaning kits to the shipping order so she can have one for the new house as well?”
This effectively suggests that it is so obvious they need and want your product, that you are not interested in a yes or no because you already know it is most certainly a yes! And if it is so obvious, the potential client will undoubtedly feel more uncomfortable saying no than he or she would with saying yes.

Successful selling

Successful selling has nothing to do with trying to sell anything, it is rather, a position of exchange whereby the sales representative can help with fixing a problem. If we understand that we are there to help our customers, there is little anxiety around selling because you realise nothing is being sold, for it is being purchased. One of the greatest ways to achieve this skill set is through effective Communications Training which raises awareness regarding how we interact with others and develop a trustworthy and welcoming presence. This has always been the main factor for sales.

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