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Being able to communicate effectively gives you the chance to put across your ideas, thoughts, or instructions to others as plainly as possible, so everyone understands you. But there can be barriers to effective communication that you may need to avoid or know how to overcome to help convey your message clearly, whether you’re speaking or writing. 
Effective communication 
Having the ability to communicate effectively is an important and essential skill for anyone to gain, whether you’re connecting at home with family and friends, or professionally with staff or colleagues – and improving your communications in the workplace is where it’s especially valuable. 
But any barriers to effective communication can derail even the best-laid plans. And that can occur at any point, having a negative effect on projects, staff, or teams. All of which can mean your key message or instruction could be misunderstood, leading to confusion and potentially, wasted time or money. 
Communicating successfully means you overcome any barriers to deliver a clear, concise, and consistent message that’s easily understood, every time. Depending on your situation, there can often be more than one communication barrier, but below we cover some of the more common ones and how they can be overcome. 
effective communication
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