Posts from September 2018

A common business-man ethos is to make a profit at all costs but ironically, business owners are starting to see a price they can no longer afford, the expense of their own employees well-being. 
Why Business Owners are calling for Mental Health Training; 
It is important to recognize that businesses do not purposefully create a poor environment which generates high levels of stress, anxiety and mental health issues. However, the statistics speak for themselves and businesses now have to take action. 
For many of us inside the bubble of our own business, it can be incredibly difficult to see the areas in which we can improve for the optimisation of our business performance. One of the major factors holding businesses back, which is actually one of the more overlooked and minor human faculties; is conflict in the workplace. 
Here Are 5 Reasons Why Conflict in The Workplace is Holding Your Business Back 
Misdirected Focus 
Naturally, if there is to much time and energy dealing with conflict; then there are more important objectives which will be overlooked by default. This is, of course, the other side of the penny because if conflict problems are not resolved then conflict is most certainly your greatest problem. Not until effective communication is established will you be able to direct your focus to where it should be. 
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