Posts from August 2018

Employee Engagement is a measurement of the relationship between an organization and its employees. Quite simply, if your employees do not have a sense of connection or desired attachment to the performance of your business, they very likely do not feel respected, rewarded or appreciated. 
As business owners, senior members of staff and managers, you have the direct opportunity to turn your business environment into a nourishing source of accomplishment through uplifting the way your employees feel about their role and attributes. This is by far the greatest form of Mental Health Training that works through prevention and of which will also benefit both their work experience and the success of your company. 
It's no secret that a great sense of well-being is the secret to happiness but unfortunately there is an ignored theme that happiness only belongs in our personal life. With an average of 40 hours being dedicated to our working week (8 hours a day) why should the focus on well-being be limited to a person's life outside of his or her career? It is clear that with such a massive chunk of our life being involved with our working responsibilities, employers should consider the company benefits in creating room for staff well-being. 
There is little mystery in why we start businesses, we aim to succeed in a financial gain and aim to carry out a professional life that we enjoy and are passionate about. Either way, the faculty of a business is to be “goal driven” but sometimes we can forget what drives our businesses or rather, who drives the business. In such a case we may unknowingly treat our staff like functioning parts to a bigger machine rather than the human beings of which we all are, and members of a team that we appreciate. 
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