Posts from June 2018

A massive way we can raise awareness around the importance of Mental Health and Mental Health Training, is by starting a blog. 
For those who have their own experiences with Mental Health, interested in or even a professional in the field of Mental Health; a blog is a fantastic way to get your voice heard whilst you spread the positive word! To show you just how effective they can be… 
Here are the Top 10 Mental Health Blogs: 
Whether you realised it or not, your colleagues are those who you spend most of your time with – So how can you make certain that you’ll like one another and evolve as an effective team within the workplace? Here are 5 ways to enjoy time with your workforce outside of work. 
Studies show; working teams that are able to enjoy socialising with one another are far more effective than team members who dislike each other. There is no need to think of unworldly creativities to have a laugh with your work mates and so, perhaps the nature of this list is to actually remind you how fun the basic activities are and the positive effects Mental Health Training will have in the workplace. 
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