Posts from November 2017

Within society, we usually feel that we are weak if we experience the crippling sensations of anxiety and for the most part, we usually fester in a level of shame or guilt.  
However, employee and employer alike are likely to have both suffered from overwhelming stress and anxiety. Here is how to help those who suffer..... 
“Life is about balance”, this is most certainly a phrase everyone has come across and it is true for good reason. Moderation in anything that has the capacity to affect your Mental Health is perhaps a cure in the form of prevention. At the very top of the list of substances that can cause deficit to your well-being and the way in which we operate in work is alcohol. 
Here are 5 reasons why. 
Drinking alcohol can affect brain chemistry; because it decreases the level of serotonin, which works as a neurotransmitter to send messages that are responsible for a range of functions, including mood, sleep and memory. Low levels of serotonin causes us to sleep poorly, to feel irritable and if one is already struggling with anxiety, the effects of alcohol wearing off can amplify depressive and anxious sensations. 
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